Miss. Ann’s House

Miss Anna Louise Henderson is my grandmother’s name. However, she just wasn’t my grandmother, she was everyone that knew her grandmother, mother and friend.

Anna Louise Henderson

About Miss Ann Henderson

Her spirit was one of a kind. Miss Ann is what people called her if they didn’t call her grandma or momma. Her life wasn’t easy by any means, but she always found a way to make everyone feel welcomed and loved. The ways she showed her love was always through actions not so much in words. Her apartment door was always open to everyone even strangers that would usually tag along with someone she knew. Miss. Ann was the person that would feed you, clothe you or even be a babysitter to your children.

The reason her story is so amazing is that she lived as what we call poor. She was on a fixed income which was disability because she was legally blind and she received welfare for the kids that were left in her care because their parent could not take care of them due to drug addiction. Miss. Ann was known for having get-togethers and cookouts. Having these would at times cause her to be broke but that didn’t stop her because it made her happy to feed people and make them happy as well.

When she didn’t have enough money to pay rent or a utility bill she would call upon local community agencies for help. I didn’t understand this cycle that seem to happen often until she was gone. I realized that these get-togethers and cookouts brought her so much joy much more than money.

I named the first sober home of Together We Stand Corporation after my grandmother Miss. Ann because it will remind me of that if someone is down and out and in need of help this is what this house is for. Together We Stand Corporation wants to give back to the community and help support people in their time of need with the same giving and loving spirit of Miss. Anna L. Henderson. With the support of donors and volunteers our goal is to open other sober homes in as many communities as possible in hopes of building up people to have a better quality of life.

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