Sober Supportive Housing

We welcome all backgrounds, please read the housing rules before applying

The rules for sober supportive housing:

No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises. Some exceptions may be made for specific prescriptions, like antidepressants.

Residents are not allowed to have overnight guests.

Residents are not allowed to have pets.

Residents must pay their appropriate expenses to live in the home.

Residents must participate in household activities, like weekly meetings and regular chores (cleaning).

Residents must be active in their recovery and rehabilitation, and they should have a plan to go to therapy or 12-step meetings at least once per week.

Residents must sleep at the sober supportive living house at least five nights per week, with very few exceptions for travel.

Residents agree to participate in randomized drug and alcohol screenings.

Residents are accountable for their whereabouts when they are not on the property.

Residents must adhere to the house’s curfew.

Residents must respect other housemates and home staff.

Learn more about why the sober supportive house was named after Miss. Anna L. Henderson

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